Rhenium: the essentials

Rhenium is silvery white with a metallic lustre; its density is exceeded only by that of platinum, iridium, and osmium, and its melting point is exceeded only by that of tungsten and carbon. It has other useful properties. It is expensive but useful as a trace alloying agent.

Table: basic information about and classifications of rhenium.

Rhenium: historical information

Rhenium was discovered by Walter Noddack, Ida Tacke, Otto Berg at 1925 in Germany. Origin of name: from the Greek word "Rhenus" meaning river "Rhine".

Discovery of rhenium is generally attributed to Walter Noddack, Ida Tacke-Noddack, and Otto Berg, who announced in 1925 they had detected the element in platinum ores and columbite.

Rhenium: physical properties

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Rhenium: orbital properties

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Isolation: coming soon!

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