Nobelium: the essentials

Nobelium is a radioactive "rare earth metal" named after Alfred Nobel who discovered dynamite.

Table: basic information about and classifications of nobelium.

Nobelium: historical information

Nobelium was discovered by Nobel Institute for Physics and later by Seaborg and others at Berkeley, California, USA at 1958 in Sweden, USA. Origin of name: named after Alfred "Nobel", Swedish chemist who discovered dynamite, and founder of the Nobel Prizes.

A team working in Stockholm reported in 1957 an isotope whose atomic number is 102. They made this isotope by bombardment of 244Cm with 13C ions. They named the element nobelium after Alfred Nobel. In 1958 a group at Berkeley, California, USA reported that they were unable to reproduce this work, findings agreed by a Russian group at Dubna. However an authenticated discovery of nobelium was made in 1958 by Seaborg and others at Berkeley, California, USA. Since then a number of isotopes with mass numbers in the range 250-259 have been made.

Nobelium: physical properties

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Nobelium: orbital properties

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