Hassium: the essentials

Hassium, is a synthetic element that is not present in the environment at all.

The interested reader should consult the on-line version of The Wonderful World of Atoms and Nuclei for a fascinating insight into research on "super-heavy" atoms.

Table: basic information about and classifications of hassium.

Hassium: historical information

Hassium was discovered by Peter Armbruster, Gottfried Münzenber and their co-workers. at 1984 in Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung (GSI) in Darmstadt, Germany.. Origin of name: the origin of the name is the Latin word "Hassias" meaning "Hess", the German state..

Hassium: physical properties

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Hassium: orbital properties

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Isolation: only a few atoms of element 108, hassium, have ever been made. The first atoms were made through a nuclear reaction involving fusion of an isotope of lead, 208Pb, with one of iron, 58Fe.

208Bi + 58Fe → 265Hs + 1n

Isolation of an observable quantity of hassium has never been achieved, and may well never be. This is because hassium decays very rapidly through the emission of α-particles.

Press release: http://www.gsi.de/portrait/Pressemeldungen/17052001_e.html

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